YUHOOOU, yes you :D check da Dk Dude (big retard)

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YUHOOOU, yes you :D check da Dk Dude (big retard) Empty YUHOOOU, yes you :D check da Dk Dude (big retard)

Post by Dk Dude on Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:40 pm

Hey fellaz

my name is Jacob "Dk Dude" Nissen, and im a casual danish guy.
And i've just started a youtube channel, it's really small, but it's excisting (i think i have around 10-12 subs)
Anyways i just wanted to introdruce myself so yeah, let's get started.
i play league of legends, and i've made 3 vids about league 2 about garrys mod and 1 about terraria, my videos is not that good, but they're ok imo.
i've always wanted to make a big youtube channel, and then i got the money, and the oppurtunity to do it, and i took the chance Razz.
i haven't made many vids because of school work and stuff, but they will be uploaded once in a while, i'll try to make 1 weekly.
i got inspired to make a youtube channel, because of Sp4zie, Keyori and UberDanger (mostly sp4zie) my leash, my lord, my squish, my poop.
The programs i'm using is: Bandicam free version for recording, and windows movie maker for editing. No jk i use Dxtory for recording and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12.0
that's all about me i guess, and cya all on da rift or somewhere else on the forums
Good luck
Kind Regards from Denmark
Dk Dude
PS. feel free to check my videos and comment on them, i know it could've been better, and that's why i want you to comment so i can improve.
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